About Equality Alliance Stoke & Staffs


A movement for change

Equality Alliance Stoke & Staffs is not an exclusive group, our purpose is equality through a community alliance.

In Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire there are many people working for greater equality for all citizens. Equality Alliance brings together issues, voices and actions, harnessing and channeling  people power, amplifying the influence of people in our communities.

Equality Alliance is a community platform to support a movement focused around #allequals sharing tools to take part in community conversations, to effect change.

As a movement Equality Alliance is powered by people and organisations with shared values and purpose, equality.

This website is a community space, bringing information and conversations together.

Join Equality Alliance Stoke & Staffs by taking part in community conversations big and small, sharing issues, information and actions:

  • using #allequals on social media
  • following Equality Alliance @all_equal on twitter
  • sharing information using the comments section of this website
  • joining in community conversations big and small
  • sharing Equality Alliance, keeping it moving…


It takes all kinds of advocacy to get our needs met and   we are all born natural advocates.

Marsha Sweet